Mind Map


Research Plan

My target audience is for a maturer audience, as the song is explicit. However, still within a young age range. My video will also be aimed at people interested in the genre of music I am using which is an alternative pop style.

I plan to use questionnaires to find out what my target audience find interesting within a music video. I would also create focus groups or one-on-one conversations discussing which type of music best fits this particular genre and also looking at some examples and discussing the pros and cons.

I plan to find out what type of music videos people prefer such as performance, narrative, conceptual or hybrid. I also plan to find out the styles they like in terms of lighting, colour schemes and locations. Finding out what type of music they listen to would also be beneficial as I could then research typical conventions for music videos within that genre and then incorporate them into my video.

I plan to use closed questions on my questionnaire and then use open questions within the discussions and focus groups