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ski mask

This is the album cover for Skimask’s song ‘Life Is Short’. It is a simple design of a white background feating a cigarette that has been broken. The cover has text on it of the title of the song and the artist’s name. The font is a graffiti style which can also be seen on posters for this artist and is almost brand like to the artist. The use of the cigarette could relate to the title as ‘life is short’ we should not shorten this time as smoking harms you.




This the album cover for Post Malone’s ‘Candy Paint’. This is an unusual album cover. The colours are light, featuring whites, silvers, blues and a light red. The eye ball is a ‘candy’ eye ball which relates to the name of the song. There is also a heart suggesting there could be themes of love. These things together could relate to the phrase ‘blinded by love’. The blood and barbed wire could also portray themes of violence throughout the album/song. There is no text on the front o this album cover however it does feature the parental advisory emblem.



This is from Coldplay’s album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’. The cover is very brightly coloured which is eye catching. The images are composed together to create a fantasy looking world. For example the boy sitting on the mood and the man hanging from Saturn’s rings. This relates to the the title as it is things that would exist in your dreams as they aren’t real. The images are reflected both vertically and horizontally. There is no text on the front of this album cover. The emblem featured is the ‘flower of life’; a common emblem that has been used for years.



This is the album cover for Kendrick Lamar’s album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. This album is influenced by the black community, inspired by Nelson Mandela and scenes of ‘police brutality’. This is portrayed through the album art. The use of black and white could be related to the music being focused on the divide between the black and white community. The large group are also standing in front of the White House, the key word there being ‘white’. The group also are also black apart from the man on the ground at the front. The white man appears to be a judge which could also relate to the inspiration of the police  brutality. The album does not feature the title on the front however does have the parental advisory mark.

Digi Pack


This album cover is for Eminems’s album Recovery. The ‘o’ in recovery is a first aid symbol which relates to the title as it suggests that he is wounded and needs to recover from this wound. The image itself also relates to this. Eminem is pictured walking along a road. This image is used on his album and literally suggests he is ‘on the road to recovery’. Eminem is the only thing in focus suggesting the album focuses on him, however, it also could suggest that the road ahead for him is blurred. The emblem in the bottom right informs the buyer that there is explicit content such as swearing or violent themes. The position of the artist is unusual compared to other digi-pack designs as the artist is usually central and the main feature however, here the artist is very off center bu is still in focus.